TRITOFLEX™ 1K SYNTHETIC RUBBER is an industrial-grade, liquid-applied, single-component waterproofing membrane that is non-toxic and water-based. TRITOFLEX 1K has the same physical properties as TRITOFLEX 2K, simply made into other viscosities to be applied with an airless sprayer, roller, or brush. TRITOFLEX 1K was engineered as a stronger, safer alternative for roof repairs, roof restoration, waterproofing, and anti-corrosion coating.

TRITOFLEX 1K B (Brush-Grade) is used as a patch and flashing component of the TRITOFLEX roof recover and restoration system, but is also used extensively by professional contractors as a roof repair product. It is ideal for sealing leaking roof penetrations, ductwork seams, cracks, tears, punctures, and more. Beyond roofing, it is utilized for small waterproofing projects. TRITOFLEX 1K B is available in 2-Gal (8L) and 5-Gal (19L) buckets.

TRITOFLEX 1K S (Spray-Grade) can be applied with conventional airless sprayers and utilized for roof restoration, waterproofing, and anti-corrosion. It is available for purchase in 5-Gal (19L) buckets, 50-Gal (190L) drums, or 264-Gal (1,000L) totes.


  • > 1,200% elongation (aged result)

  • 98% recovery (bounces back after stretch)

  • >650 psi tensile strength (aged result)
  • Class A Fire Rating, self-extinguishing

  • Impermeable – withstands ponding water indefinitely
  • Can be applied up to 80 mils (2 mm) wet in one coat

  • Zero VOC’s, water-based, odor-free

  • Chemical resistance to acids, salts, and more

  • Manufactured from 20% post-consumer recycled content