TRITON manufactures and supplies stronger, safer roof systems for industrial and institutional facilities. After 70  years of production and installation on over 1 billion square feet, the safest thermoplastic roof membrane is available in the Americas through a partnership between Triton Inc. and Protan A/S. Roof-top slip-resistance has been overlooked in our industry, leading to an increase in occupational injuries and falls when roofs are wet from dew, frost, or rain.

TRITON’S PROTAN PVC single-ply membrane is manufactured with a wet dynamic Coefficient of Friction double that of traditional PVC and TPO membranes. This results in a safer roof surface during installation and after, when the roof or roof-top equipment is being serviced by various trades. Triton’s Protan PVC membranes are a superior option for safety-minded clients who an industrial-grade, chemical-resistant thermoplastic with a safe surface. Our standard roll width is 6.5 ft., for safer maneuvering and less risk of injury.

TRITON PVC membranes are available in various colors, thicknesses, and formats. Our membranes may be mechanically-attached, fully-adhered, induction-welded, or wind-vented (vacuum). These membranes are backed by a proven, documented 30+ year lifespan. PVC membranes provide a flexible, durable, and lightweight option when replacing an existing roof, constructing a new building, or reskinning an existing roof.


  • High Coefficient of Friction surface increases slip-resistance and safety

  • Industrial-grade flexibility and strength

  • Class A Fire Rating, self-extinguishing

  • Excellent chemical resistance, ideal for industrial sites

  • Proven, documented 30+ year lifespan on over 1 billion square feet

  • 40-year life expectancy per BBA (British Board of Agrement) certification

  • Non-wicking, woven and knitted, and dimensionally-stable polyester reinforcement scrim

  • Easy to repair and heat weld, even after 30 years of aging

  • Withstands both sub-zero temps and extreme heat

  • Virtually no plasticizer migration over time, maintaining flexibility and durability

  • Visual bleed out during heat welding reduces risk of cold welds

  • Fully recyclable and manufactured from 6% recycled content

  • Available in smooth bareback (SE) or fleeceback (EX)