Pneumatic trigger, custom aluminum body, and proprietary spray tips engineered specifically for Triton’s proprietary, instant-set liquid rubber and acrylic technologies. Our spray gun has a lightweight, durable handle with separate valve controls and quick-link disconnects. The gun was designed in-house and is 100% American-made, with even the smallest parts machined at Triton’s Iowa factory.

Cart & Hose Assembly

  • 300 ft. (90 m) hose in two sections

  • Stainless steel, high pressure quick-link fittings

  • Push-lock fittings for air and accelerator

  • Protective cloth hose cover

  • Proprietary, user-friendly design

  • Black powder coated steel frame for protection

  • Runs off of 220/240V power

  • System Weight: 250 lbs. (114 kg) fully loaded

  • 100% American-Made

  • 6,000 sf/hour production @ 20 mils dry

Pumps & Cleaning

The main coating/product pump is an industrial, electric-powered diaphragm pump with 580 psi max output pressure. The pump is easily cleaned with soap or Triton’s Pump Cleaner and water. It is conveniently located on top of the cart and does not need removed for cleaning. The catalyst pump is a 100-psi air-driven diaphragm pump and is flushed with only water. The spray rig includes an on-board air compressor to run the catalyst pump and actuate the spray gun.