NEOCOAT™ PLUS is a water-based, single-component, enhanced aliphatic polyurethane roof coating. It is bright white with superior dirt pick-up resistance and exceptional resistance to ponding water, chemicals, acids, oils, animal fats, and other pollutants. NEOCOAT™ PLUS is easy to apply and is used to restore existing flat and low-slope roofs to prevent leaks and prevent further deterioration of the existing membrane. The NEOCOAT™ PLUS restoration system avoids costly, disruptive, and wasteful tear-offs and is chosen as an alternative over other white roof coatings due to its resistance to ponding water, physical properties, and chemical resistance.

NEOCOAT™ PLUS can be applied over existing Modified Bitumen, BUR, TPO, PVC, KEE, EPDM, Concrete, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and Metal Roof substrates. It is also used as a topcoat over the TRITOFLEX™ liquid rubber membrane. NEOCOAT™ PLUS is applied by brush, roller, or airless spray equipment in at least two (2) coats. Please refer to Triton’s specifications for specific application instructions, primer requirements, limitations, and cautions. It is supplied in 5-Gal (19L) buckets, 50-Gal (190L) drums, or 264-Gal (1,000L) totes.

For details, flashings, penetrations, patching, and more, our NEOCOAT™ MASTIC is a polyurethane-based, brush-grade compound manufactured in convenient 3-Gal (11L) buckets.


  • 92% solar reflectivity

  • 0.86 thermal emittance

  • 300% elongation

  • 460 psi tensile strength

  • Service temperature of -35F to 175F

  • Water-based, low-VOC

  • Very low dirt pick-up, maintaining high reflectivity

  • Easily repaired, recoated, and sustained indefinitely

  • Excellent resistance to ponding/standing water