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TRITOFLEX Liquid Rubber Membrane

2K Instant-Set
FM-Approved, instant-setting, two-component, liquid rubber membrane; water-based and cold spray-applied to any thickness in one coat. This is the world’s premier seamless membrane.
1K Brush-Grade
Brush-applied, synthetic rubber mastic for patching, repairs, flashing, and other applications.

TRITOCRYL Acrylic Coating

1K Acrylic
Water-based acrylic elastomeric roof coating applied by roller, airless sprayer, or brush. Available in any color.
2K Instant-Set
Instant-setting, two-component, water-based acrylic roof coating; applied to any thickness in one coat.
Repair Mastic
Water-based acrylic repair mastic for patching TritoCryl 1K or 2K.

TRITOTHERM Ceramic Coating

1K Thermal Coating
Thermal ceramic-acrylic coating used for reducing heat transfer through roofs and other surfaces. Water-based and low VOC.

TRITOPRIME Sealers & Primers

Metal Prime
Solvent-based rust-inhibiting primer for bare metal surfaces.
Concrete Sealer
Water-based, no-VOC sealer for concrete surfaces.


Repair Tape
TPO-backed butyl patch and repair tape. Available in black or white.


Polyester Fabric
Non-woven polyester fabric, available in various widths up to 40”.
TritoWalk Walkway Coating
Seamless, anti-slip coating made with acrylic polymers and silica sand. Available in yellow or gray. Used to create walkways and safety lines.
Ceramic-Coated Roof Granules
Used for granulated top coats or granulated roof walkways.
Pump Cleaner
Concentrated pump flushing fluid for the Triton spray rigs.


High Production Electric Instant-Set Spray Rig
Proprietary instant-set spray system for TritoFlex 2K and TritoCryl 2K products; includes pumps, hoses, and spray gun for large area applications. Electric-driven.
Portable Instant-Set Spray Rig
Proprietary instant-set spray system mounted on an electric air compressor with 25 ft. hose; for repair and flashing work. Air-driven.
Standard Electric Instant-Set Spray Rig