One advantage of restoring an existing roof with a liquid product is that you utilize the existing roof membrane’s thickness by adhering directly to it. But how long will that really last? Does the “coating” provide any additional protection, besides from UV?

The graphic below shows required thicknesses to achieve a 20-year warranty with 3 of the most popular restoration system in the industry. The price per 1 mil is nearly the same for all three, but the physical performance, warranty coverage, and labor demand are vastly different.

The scenario I used below is restoration over an existing 60-mil PVC single-ply roof. Often these roofs are removed and replaced with the same, or even less, thickness. Instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to restore it and add value with a new liquid membrane, waste and disruption ensues. This, of course, is all dependent on the conditions of the existing membrane and insulation.

What do these warranties cover? What are the physical properties differences I refer to?

Which system do you think will last the longest in the elements? Just because a warranty has a high number on it does not mean it will protect the owner for that amount of time. Our clients believe the old saying still rings true, “you get what you pay for.”

There’s a reason we engineered the TritoFlex 2K system the way it is. Impermeable. Flexible and strong at the same time. It won’t breakdown under or absorb ponding water and it doesn’t require reinforcement, which eliminates elongation. If you’re interested in chatting further about this, please reach out. or call me at 319-861-5233