Bright white roofing materials always look nice for the first couple months, but every roof gets dirty and loses that reflectivity. Then what happens? It absorbs more heat and loses energy-efficiency.

TRITOTHERM was engineered as an advanced thermal protection coating that not only reflects UV rays, but dramatically reduces heat transfer. It is uniquely formulated with air-encapsulated ceramic and glass particles, suspend in a premium acrylic binder, to provide thermal protection at only 20 mils (0.5 mm). TRITOTHERM continues to reduce heat absorption after it becomes dirty and less reflective. Compared to other “cool roof” coatings or white single-ply products, TRITOTHERM transfers 30°F less heat (on average). This can cut down on HVAC costs and it reduces effects of heat aging on the underlying membrane and insulation


  • Advanced thermal technology
  • Proven to reduce heat transfer after aging
  • Title 24 compliant
  • Applied by sprayer, roller, or brush
  • Applied to roofs, pipes, walls, and more