The TritoFlex™ liquid rubber products are ideal for restoring all types of single-ply roof systems, including PVC, TPO, EPDM, KEE, and Hypalon. Our liquid restoration avoids costly, wasteful, and disruptive tear-offs when roofs are worn-out, deteriorated, or leaking. If the roof can be restored with a new durable and flexible membrane, why replace it?

The TritoFlex™ system is lightweight and applied quickly to form a fully-adhered, monolithic membrane over the existing single-ply membrane. TritoFlex™ rubber capitalizes on your existing single-ply investment, increasing thickness, puncture resistance, and durability. Contact us to help you maximize performance without breaking the bank.


  • Last roof you’ll ever need (with proper maintenance of course!)

  • Avoids wasteful and disruptive replacement

  • Membrane applied to any thickness in one coat

  • Instantly rain-resistant

  • Flexible in sub-zero temps

  • FM tested and approved

  • Warranty covers ponding water and large hail

  • Reflective finish coat increases energy efficiency and longevity