The TritoFlex™ liquid rubber products are ideal for restoring or repairing all types of metal, steel, or zinc roofs when they are worn-out and leaking. Our liquid restoration avoids costly, disruptive, and wasteful replacements. Why use a a sheet membrane that has to be held down with thousands of screws?

The TritoFlex™ system is lightweight and applied quickly to form a thick, durable, fully-adhered membrane that conforms to joints, fasteners, flashings, and other awkward shapes. After completion with the TritoCryl or TritoTherm reflective top coat, you’ve reduced thermal shock and heat transfer.


  • Extremely high elongation allows the membrane to flex with the roof

  • Prevents future rust and corrosion
  • Avoids expensive and disruptive replacement

  • Avoid drilling thousands of holes and fasteners into the roof, weakening the deck

  • No interruption to your facility operations

  • Warranty covers ponding water, large hail, and high winds

  • Reflective finish coat reduces thermal shock, increases energy efficiency