TRITOflex is an instant-setting liquid rubber membrane that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that is efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass, creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste. TRITOflex is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system eliminating the need for wasteful and costly tear-offs. Since it is water-based with no VOC’s it is considered a “green” product that is sustainable for years as a restorative waterproofing system.

TRITOflex is primarily used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, plaza decks, walls, steel beams, and a variety of industrial applications.  TRITOflex is a FM-Approved roof product, achieving the highest ratings possible in the industry. It has also received many international approvals, including EOTA, SABS (South Africa), CodeMark (New Zealand), and JIS (Japan).

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